Linking and supporting Scandinavian societies
Since 1950
Linking and supporting Scandinavian societies
Since 1950
Linking and supporting Scandinavian societies
Since 1950
Linking and supporting Scandinavian societies
Since 1950
Linking and supporting Scandinavian societies
Since 1950
Linking and supporting Scandinavian societies
Since 1950
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CoScan Magazine is published twice a year.

As well as information about our member organisations, it contains articles on Scandinavian topics of general interest, and reports by our Travel Awardees. We welcome submissions: please send to

Due to the exceptional times at present, the editions from summer 2020 onwards have been made available here shortly after the distribution of the hard copies – otherwise this is done two months after the printing.

Next to the different issues, the main content is listed (see also the Contents page within the magazines).


  • CoScan AGM
  • Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland
  • Grieg Society of Great Britain
  • Nordic collections at British Library
  • Horneman's opera Aladdin
  • Living with two languages
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  • Member organisations and the pandemic
  • Understanding Scandinavian place-names
  • Danish pension
  • The world’s biggest sandcastle
  • Ærø (island of romance; renewables)
  • Radioactive reindeer!
  • Norway – Christmas trees to UK
  • Notes from ‘Sverigeloppet’ (bike ride)
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  • CoScan (personal memories)
  • Anglo-Swedish Society of Gothenburg
  • Northants Anglo-Swedish Society
  • Henrik Pontoppidan, the Danish author
  • Queen Anna of Denmark, Part 2
  • Norwegian memories from WWII
  • Conference report ('Viking things')
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  • Virtual meetings: Award ceremony; Drinks party; AGM;
  • SveaBritt; Consulate of Sweden in Newcastle;
  • Anglo-Swedish Society
  • When Dickens met H.C. Andersen
  • Aksel Sandemose
  • Queen Anna of Denmark, Part 1
  • Jenny Lind; Pippi and the Moomins
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  • CoScan 1950-2020
  • Obituaries: Peter Wright, Lise Newsome
  • Lisbet Rausing (CoScan awardee 2019)
  • Manch. Swedish Meetup Group & Covid-19
  • Stevns Klint (Danish World Heritage site)
  • New interpretation of the Rök runestone
  • How to make a Dala horse
  • Full-sized Viking ship replica being built
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  • CoScan International Award 2019
  • Queen’s Award to ONFA
  • Anglo-Swedish Society 100 years
  • Norwegian Church in Cardiff 150 years
  • The Hanseatic League and its legacy
  • The Crimean war & cholera in the Baltic
  • A Renaissance love story; Hurtigruten
  • Out-of-date travel guides
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  • Danish Scottish Society
  • Danish Women’s Association
  • Grundtvig’s near scandal escape
  • Nordenskiöld as environmentalist
  • Swedish women’s voting rights
  • Danish soldier graves in Beverley
  • Urkult (a cultural festival); Viking roadshow
  • Birka, the Swedish Viking town
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  • International award 2018: Sakari Oramo
  • Anglo-Norse Centenary reception
  • Orkney Norway Friendship (ONFA)
  • Norwegian Church; Finnish Church
  • Storyteller Flemming Kloster Poulsen
  • Mary Wollstonecraft re Denmark
  • Gammalsvenskby; Projects in Dumfries
  • Iceland: Centenary of indepencence
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  • Anglo-Norse Society; Anglo-Swedish Society; Welsh Norwegian Society
  • Doggerland
  • Harnessing wind energy (Denmark)
  • Holger Danske
  • Medieval church-paintings
  • Ingmar Bergman and Birgit Nilsson
  • Viking Hiking
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  • Anglo-Finnish Society: Conference on Finland 100
  • Swedish Church in London
  • Grieg Society 25 years
  • Finland’s 100th anniversary
  • English military graves in Falkenberg, Sweden
  • Scandinavian family research
  • An evocation of Orkney (book extract)
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  • CoScan International Award 2017
  • Viking Society for Northern Research
  • Finnish conductors – a success story
  • ARSNY, a Viking camp near York
  • Reading the runes
  • English soldiers' burial grounds in southern Denmark
  • St Magnus of Orkney, 900th anniversary
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  • Scottish Norwegian Society (Glasgow)
  • Norwegian Church in London
  • Cities of Culture 2017: Hull and Aaarhus
  • Moesgaard Museum
  • New Swedish saint
  • Sisu
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  • Devon & Somerset Anglo-Scandinavian Society, Danish KFUK (London), Danish Church (Hull)
  • Danish architecture
  • Soprano Ylva Kihlberg
  • Viking winter camp at Torksey, Lincolnshire
  • Biathlon in Oslo
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  • Danish Church (Hull), Orkney, Anglo-Swedish, Finn-Guild
  • St Gregory's Minster in Kirkdale
  • Viking navigational instruments
  • Ingrid Bergman
  • Finnish sauna
  • Danish folk songbook
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  • Anglo-Norse (London, Oslo), Orkney, SKOL, Sibelius, Nordic Horizons
  • Finnish Ambassador P Huhtaniemi
  • Finnish tango
  • Danish folk songbook
  • Viking navigation
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  • Scottish-Finnish, Danish Church (London), Scottish-Norwegian (Glasgow)
  • News in brief (societies)
  • Christmas: Santa/tomte
  • Guest: Prof R Jenkins 'Being Danish'
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  • Anglo-Danish, Manchester
  • News in brief (societies)
  • Guest: Canon J Toy on St Sigfrid
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  • Hampshire, Nordic Studies/Sheffield, Anglo-Swedish
  • Christmas food and drink
  • Guest: Prof P Fjågesund 'Marketing Norway'
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  • Norwegian-Scottish (Edinb), Danish Cultural Institute, Danish Church (Hull)
  • The New Nordic Food
  • Guest: Dr R Ogden on Nordic swearing
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  • Hertfordshire, Scottish-Norwegian (Glasgow)
  • Vikings/festivals
  • Guest: E Martinus on Strindberg
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Northants, Grieg, Orkney
Midsummer/Sankt Hans
(also as celebrated among our societies)
Guest: Prof S Bradley on Grundtvig
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  • Newcastle, Midlands, York
  • Publications by societies and 'dates of birth'
  • Coscan International award
  • Christmas in Scandinavia
  • Guest: Dr P Addyman on Jorvik
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